Robinvale Estate Dressings are created with passion using the freshest citrus grown in the region. We blend agrumato oil, where the olives are pressed with fruit onsite together with vinegar or verjuice, herbs and other premium ingredients. The dressings make for the perfect salad, seafood, meat or marinade any time of the day.

Olive oil dressing that’s fused with passion and premium ingredients

Designed to give pure taste in its raw form, our olive oil dressings online are a must-have for family dinners, easy dishes and to even cater for a large group. While everyone’s preferences are different, we have plenty of flavours available, allowing you to pair the right herbs and spices.

Buy the best olive oil dressing online, from lemon through to balsamic.

As it has long been a crowd-favourite, our olive oil balsamic vinegar dressing with oregano, creates a delicious topping for greens, garden salads and bruschetta. Alternatively, pop it up on the table with a dab of extra oil, to serve as the perfect bread dip.

Or for stir frys and marinades, choose the honey soy garlic salad dressing from our range, combined with a touch of garlic to give a fusion that’s ideal for a number of dishes.

What our customers are saying :

Lemon & Verijuice EVOO Dressing 250ml –  Silver Award at the Melbourne Show in 2013

This dressing can accompany ANY salad – it’s lovely and sweet but very light. Also great to stir through couscous, quinoa etc. Absolutely love it. Even managed to get the kids to fall in love with salad because of this!

  • Suzanne McCarthy

Caramelised Fig Balsamic – Bronze Award Melb Show 2013

I was given a bottle as a gift and I now hoard it and only allow others a taste occasionally. It has a delightful flavour, a thick-ish texture and is the perfect salad dressing. All the other balsamics in my pantry have been pushed to the back because this is the only one I use now. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  • Sandra Black

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Be it our Agrumato olive oil, lemon salad dressings, or balsamic vinegar options – our entire Robinvale Estate collection is available for you to purchase through our website. Alternatively, head to your next farmers market to see our favourites on display.

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